Rio ’16: Marathon selection process

Thought it would be worthwhile posting the AI’s selection policy for the marathon at the Rio Olympics. Have slightly altered “Priority 2”  where it didn’t make sense; hope I got it right.

2.5 If more than three athletes have achieved the entry standard for the marathon event (e.g. 4 women) other factors (but not limited to) that may be considered by the selection panel for the marathon nominations are:    A. Consideration for the course speed rating (average race time bias) of athletes with comparable achieved entry standards   that are within (one minute +/‐ .7%) of each other. B. Further consideration will be given to athletes who achieve the marathon entry standard for the first time during three key performance windows.  Each one of the performance windows will be considered for nomination in order of priority during the qualification timeline.

Priority 1:  April/May and September/November 2015
The two 2015 performance windows designated give athletes the best opportunity to secure an entry standard, and as well, allow enough time for athletes to recover and put in a full preparation period to improve performance prior to the Olympic Games.

Priority 2: January/March 2016

Athletes that achieve the entry standard during the first 2016 performance window would have time to recover and, with a shorter preparation period, still have time to put in a preparation period to improve performance prior to the Olympic Games.

Athletes who achieve the marathon entry standard during the first two ‘priority performance windows’ (Priority 1 and 2) will be required to prove fitness before the final marathon selections on 23 May, 2016.

Priority 3: April and up to the 23 of May 2016
Athletes that achieve the marathon Entry Standard during the ‘last chance performance window’ would be considered as a third priority for nomination consideration.

Marathon Alternates
2.7 The Selectors may consider to nominate two(2) athletes for each men and women’s marathon events as alternates for the 2016 Olympic Games. Athletes nominated as alternates to replace an injured athlete(s) must prepare, show form and fitness up and to 11
of July 2016.

Nomination Queries and Appeals
2.8 Athletes can query (i.e. seek clarification regarding nomination and/or requirements regarding what they need to do to meet nomination requirements) with the Athletics Ireland Selection Manager/High PerformanceDirector (Kevin Ankrom).  Athletes that are not nominated by Athletics Ireland have the right of appeal under this policy.  All appeals will be exhausted before Athletics
Ireland nominates athletes to be selected by the Olympic Council of Ireland.

3.1 This policy and criteria may be amended at any time and approved by Athletics Ireland and the Olympic Council of Ireland if it is in the opinion that such amendment is necessary or as a result of any change in participation rules and/or guidelines.  Any
amendment to the criteria will be published on the Athletics Ireland High Performance website.

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