We Need To Talk About Marathon-gate

After “Marathon-gate”, here are some of the questions that need debating:

1 Who is eligible to compete in Irish championships?

– Irish passport holders living full time in Ireland

– Irish passport holders born in Ireland but living elsewhere

– Irish passport holders not born in Ireland

– Longtime Irish residents who were not born in in Ireland and are not Irish citizens.

-Asylum seekers

2 Can longtime residents (at least two years) compete for their clubs and take medals:

– at county championships

– masters championships

– track and field leagues

3 On wearing of club singlet in championships:

– If one athlete is allowed to bend the rule, why have the rule at all?

4 Each championships to have a “controller” whose job it is to ensure that all athletes competing abide by the competition rules.

5 A briefing to be held before all championships. For track and field and cross-country, where athletes may arrive at different times, this to be attended by a club representative; for road championships where everyone starts at the same time, this to be attended by all athletes.

6 Half marathon and 10km road championships to revert to the old system where they moved around the country. Association with commercial races to be discouraged.




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