Missing the Belfield "trail"

Here’s a picture of the Crusaders Meet &Train gang, with whom I train in Dublin. In Doha, many people walk and a few run run along the Corniche (not a giant gherkin; it’s what we would call a promenade). You see women dressed head to foot in heavy black with their running shoes sneaking out from underneath. Some have their eyes visible; one the other day had on one of those veils that completely cover the face. They remind me of Casper the Ghost in reverse and I have no idea how they can see out.
Women wear veils here by choice; it’s not like in the more repressive Islamic regimes like Afghanistan where women it’s the law. One of my colleagues here says she has a friend who wears the full face mask when she she’s feeling unsociable and wants no-one to recognise her while she walks around the malls.
Anyway, because the Corniche is about half an hour’s walk from my appartment and the path is sufaced with cobble lock and cement paving, I have been sticking to the treadmill in the gym in my appartment block. Not ideal but better than nothing. Missing the “trail” at Belfield badly!

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