Waiting for the DART to pass at the Merrion Gates, saw a large graffito facing me (on the small hut beside the railway line) – GRIFT. So Charlie, you’re right and I suspect he’s the lad defacing most of the area. He’s known to the authorities and comes from a “good” family.

From Gerry M:

“Was reading your graffiti blog and must impart my own experience…
My friend Sean Caulfield (a St Senans runner too) was a shop owner in a tough area of Waterford. His first job every morning was to paint over any graffitti from the night before. Which he did religiously until eventually the yobs got the message that it was a waste of time wrining on his wall and it stopped. Moral of the story is you have to tackle it as soon as it appears as graffitti attracts graffiti as sure as the Pope wears a funny hat. Pity the council don’t heed this message.

They also tried an experiment in New York on the underground where they put a spanking new carriage in the middle of some old ones and the graffitti writers left it alone. Food for thought.”

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