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One of the first things you notice in here are the beat up yellow buses. These are used to transport construction workers from the labour camps on the outskirts of the city to whatever hole in the ground they are working on that day. They get up a lot earlier than the regular office worker, […]

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Orrie, the mascot of the As%7n G*mes says a special “Happy Birthday” to Mariana Naughton, who is six today.

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This town’s best known building

Here you see the Sheraton Hotel, which is the best known building in town, open for over 25 years. Every weekend (ie on Friday afternoon after morning mosque attendance and even more so on Sunday), families congrerate in this park and other “family” only spaces for picnics. You would not believe the selection of vacuum […]

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Building a City

A typical sight wherever you go in Doha. There are building sites everywhere, very few of them with hoardings. We can watch lads on buildings four and five flights up with no hard hats on. Most of them are from India, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Pakistan. They live packed into “Labour Camps” on the outskirts […]

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Missing the Belfield "trail"

Here’s a picture of the Crusaders Meet &Train gang, with whom I train in Dublin. In Doha, many people walk and a few run run along the Corniche (not a giant gherkin; it’s what we would call a promenade). You see women dressed head to foot in heavy black with their running shoes sneaking out […]

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Kids playing ice hockey in City Centre, the largest shopping centre in the Middle East. I suspect they’re not local – two were girls.

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Interesting Facts About This Country

LOCATION: Middle East Peninsula; it’s the small thumb beside the Emirates sticking out of Saudia Arabia, with which it has a 60km border.CAPITAL: D*haAREA: 11,437 sq km (about the size of Cork and Kerry combined).COASTLINE: 563km.CLIMATE: Arid; mild, pleasant winters and hot humid summers (up to 50C).TERRAIN: Flat and barren desert; highest point in Q&rayn […]

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Nuns on the Run!

My favourite road sign in this town. Nuns on the run comes to mind!

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Lindie in the Gulf

Here I am, an Irish journalist based in a country in the Gulf . The idea was to take a break from an over-hectic life in Dublin, where I live and work as a sports columnist with the Evening Herald. Since Muslims are determining world policy at the moment, I thought it might be interesting […]

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