Surge in population

Back here, nothing much has changed. This country is still a mystery wrapped in an enigma. In 2004, the population was 744,000. Last year (in other words six months ago), it was estimated at 855,000. The experts now think that number will swell to 910,000 by the end of the year. Of that figure, only […]

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The smallest breed of horses in the world. At Marlay Park. Baaaa, said this sheep plaintively as his coat was sheered off at a Farmers’ Day in Marlay Park, Dublin.

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My Late Father

Exactly 16 days ago, I landed at Dublin Airport for a week’s break from this strange gig I signed up for. On the bus trip home to Booterstown, lots had changed (what’s with those prancing hares in O’Connell Street?) but much had remained the same.My priority on my first day home was to get my […]

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Home at last

Yes, I made it – and what a stressful experience. Having queued up behind extended Pakistani families with all their worldly good tied up in large bundles, was told that my internet ticket wasn’t valid although the computer was registering that I was indeed on the flight back to Dublin via B&hrain. Had to find […]

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Sandstorm from my Window

Two days ago we had this ferocious sandstorm – it was a bit like being in the middle of a hail storm except that the wind was warm and you were being skinned alive by small sand particles rather than stinging hail stones. You couldn’t stand up in it, although I see a little figure […]

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Wading bird

Speaking of that wading bird (as I was a few entries ago), here he or she is. Nope, no idea(what it is), but looked very dramatic flying off with big black wings.

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