Where I live

Just in case any of you are interested in my third floor flat off the B Ring Roadd. The first image shows the view from the front door; the second the view from the bedroom. Don’t you just LOVE the rich red furniture! Under the window is the vital Air Con and, as you can […]

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Where’s my mummy?

This poor sad camel wandered back down the track after his race, head swivelling from side to side, anxiously seeking out his handler, who had clearly lost interest. You could almost see the poor animal’s lips quivering and the tears welling up in his big brown eyes. Since he finished second last, let’s hope he […]

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Here you have it – the essence of camel racing. The “robot” on the camel’s back, the owner/trainers roaring at the poor animal from the car (always white, always an SUV) driving inside the track, the cameras recording it all. Although it lacked, say, the frenzied atmosphere of Cheltenham, the final day of camel racing […]

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Off to the final day of camel racing later today; see http://sabbah.biz/mt/archives/2005/04/25/kamel-the-robot-jockey/For pics of the robot jockeys!

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One of the many dhows that criss-cross the harbour getting “buzzed” by annoying young men on jet skis.

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The "old"souk

There are some nice areas in thsi city; walking along the Corniche is pleasant and allows for people watching. This part of the souk area is also a big improvement on the soulless malls, which is where everyone gathers at the weekend (and where I wasn’t allowed into a supermarket because I had a camera […]

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